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It has long been demonstrated that the comforting interaction between animals, dogs in particular, and humans have lessened, and even alleviated, some of  the may afflictions associated with aging, depression, poor health, hospital stays or confinement.

It is the Group’s belief that even brief visits and contact with gentle pets have actually contributed to the mental well being of many individuals.

“Furry Friends Therapy Dogs Inc.”

“For warm, caring unconditional love and attention”

 Please change to 269-7667

4th Thursdays -1 pm - Furry Friends Therapy Dogs holds a monthly meeting at the CHEC Building on Koos Bay Blvd (next to Hearthside Rehab & Care).  We are a group of dog owners who visit local patients with our certified therapy dogs.  Our meetings, open to the public, usually have a speaker on a subject relating to dogs or pet therapy.  We are always looking for interested dog owners to join us.  To find out what the current monthly program is, call 269-7667, 269-2876, or 266-7440..

Furry Friends Therapy Dogs, Inc. operates under bylaws spelling out the orderly and democratic conduct of business.  The organization is comprised of members who reside in a relatively compact geographic area and conduct scheduled visits to many facilities.









 Ongoing Goals:

Recruit Members and their pets

Evaluate the team

Conduct training for handlers and their pets

Provide educational presentations to schools with emphasis on dog safety and responsible dog ownership

Research the need for visitations at various facilities, including but not limited to:

      Assisted Living facilities

      Nursing Homes



      Shut-ins at private residences


Outreach Programs to educate the public as to the benefit and purpose of Furry Friends Therapy Dogs, Inc. may include:

Ø   Sponsoring booths at local fairs and festivals

Ø   Media advertising

Ø   Presentations to local civic groups


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