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Sustainable Living
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EARTH DAY was lots of Fun. See the video on Google Video. 

View the Earth Day Video (55 minutes, only if you have Hi-speed internet)

Sustainable Living

  • Reduce the junk. Itís easy to find the resource in your country to reduce junk mail. An online key word search is a good place to start. Try,, or
  • Cancel unwanted catalogs. Love browsing your favorite catalog? Consider browsing it online to save trees and energy used during production and mail delivery. Call or go on-line to request that your name be removed from catalog mailing lists. This quick change saves an average 150 pounds (70 kilograms) of CO2 per year.
  • Reducing your meat consumption will help reduce food-related land use that contributes to deforestation and water pollution. This small change can save an average of 1,000 pounds (450 kilograms) of CO2 annually
  • Consume locally.   Try to purchase at least 25 percent of your groceries from local or organic farmers. Visit a farmersí market or subscribe to a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program to receive fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables weekly.

Coos Earth Music

This is just to say thanks to all the musicians that support Coos Eco efforts.

Favorite Web Sites

Story Of Stuff
10 Results of Global Warming
World Wildlife Fund
Measure Your Eco-Footprint
olcoast ECO Consulting
Energy Trust or Oregon ECO portal

North West Earth Institute  study guides
The Northwest Earth Institute is recognized as a leader in the development of innovative programs that encourage individuals and organizations to protect ecological systems.  NWEI currently offers seven educational discussion guides for groups on a variety of sustainability topics.  Discussion course topics include



Earth Friendly Videos
Oil from Bugs
A solar airplane?
Let business help in Earth solutions.  CarrotMob
Second Annual Green Cruise Highlights-
Put on your green shoes  
4 min 41sec
 Electric Car  3 min 01sec
LIVE EARTH 360 -  1 min 57sec
Green diesel   2 min 6sec
GenGreen: Find the Green in Everything. 
website:  57 sec
 Green Wash Car Event  1 min
 Biodiesel bus at the Ohio State 1 min 37sec
 Disney Kids Go Green 4 min 5sec
Growing Market for Green Business4 min 24sec
 Ed Begley talks about the Volt  21 sec
 Free to be Green 1 min 31sec
 (how to host a green event) 2min 51sec
Black Balloons
This is the Truth

Energy Saving lighbulbs, Maybe not


Information from a National Geographic Movie



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