Coos Volunteer Portal Part 1  




PEG Broadcasting Services Inc (BSI) is more commonly known as Channel 14.


Our Mission: To provide the  Community Access television stations (Public, Educational and Governmental), for Southwestern Oregon, in a full service, professional manner.  In addition, BSI/WATTCH (Western Academy of Theater and Television) provides training and experience in Broadcasting and the Performing Arts for all members, regardless of age, income, ability, color or religion with an emphasis on youth and the disabled.


Our current subscribers are: Coos Bay City Council; Coos Bay Urban Renewal Agency; Coos Bay School Board; Coos County Board of Commissioners; Coos County Regional Airport, International Port of Coos Bay; North Bend City Council and the South Coast Development Council.  We also work with: Egyptian Theatre; Boys and Girls Club; Oregon Association for the Blind, League of Women Voters and Grandparents ROCK.

The Western Academy of Theater and Television for children and the Handicapped, (WATTCH), does our editing, puts on live plays, Public Service Announcements and made-for-TV movies.



                    WATTCH has a strong commitment to develop youth assets.

                    We commit to develop our disabled members to the fullest of their potential.

                    Seniors are welcome and appreciated for their talent and mentorship.

                    We freely share our talent and experience with all members, on and off stage.

                    All members have a commitment to the community in general and the overall organization in particular.

                    Youth are first, they are the main reason we exist.

                    The more troubled the child, the stronger the commitment.

                    Everyone who auditions gets a part.

                    WATTCH demonstrates that community theater is not elitist.


We will not be remembered for the show that we presented but what impact we had on a member.

 WATTCH has had cast members as young as five and as old as seventy-five.  Disabilities represented in our cast include: deafness, blindness, wheelchair bound and amputee.

Any child with a desire to be in a play is always accepted, even if the script needs adaptation.