Coos Volunteer Portal Part 1  


List of organizations who help people, animals, or the earth

Channel 14

Bay Area Rotary Club

Bay Area Seniors Computer Club

Habitat For Humanity

Coos Fire Fighters

Coos County Cultural Coalition

Coos Elderly Services


Coos Historical & Maritime Museum

Coos Earth

Pacific Cove Animal Shelter

South Coast Local Foods

South Coast Micro Business Network

Friends of Animals with Needs (F.A.W.N)

Friends of Coos County Animals

Friends of Coos Public Libraries

Furry Friends Therapy Dogs

League of Women Voters

Local Foods

Oregon Coast Community Action

Pacific Cove Animal Shelter

Public Access Local Supporters

RSVP volunteerism for Seniors

South Coast Folk Society

South Coast Food Share

South Coast Local Food

Womens Safety Resource Center