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Our Mission:  Friends of Coos County Animals Inc. is organized exclusively for charitable purposes, and specifically to support and enhance services for the Coos County Animal Shelter including organizations and causes that promote animal welfare.


  • Participate in activities that will result in placement of companion animals in permanent and loving homes;

  • Raise awareness of Coos County Animal Shelter though public education;

  • Promote spay and neuter to reduce pet overpopulation and euthanasia;

  • Increase volunteer participation for FOCCAS ad Coos County Animal Shelter;

  • Increase number of fundraising activities to promote the shelter;

  • Be advocates of animal welfare in the community;

  • Work toward the day when no health animal is killed.

    We are volunteers united for the welfare of animals.



Educate the public about animal issues: 

Animal abuse / County animal ordinances

Animal vaccinations / Hand out animal literature

Promote and refer people to other organizations that support animal rescue / adoptions / spay-neuter clinics

Build public awareness as to the human / animal bond and its benefits to society

Educate the public as to the responsibilities of pet ownership in an attempt to alleviate the problem of unwanted pets

Showcase and adopt animals to the public via off site adoptions.

Provide volunteers for off site adoptions which provides a service to the public, letting them know there is a shelter in town, and to show and adopt some of the animals to people who otherwise may never go to the Coos County Animal Shelter.

Providing spay or neuter vouchers for families in financial need when funds are available and meeting criteria for receiving the voucher.

Providing the Coos County Shelter with a “Momma’s Program” to provide a spay / neuter voucher for those who bring in a litter of unwanted kittens or pups and are keeping the mother. Preventing another unwanted litter.

Support and enhance services for the animals of Coos County Animal Shelter





Give presentations about the Coos county Animal Shelter and Friend of Coos county Animals to solicit volunteers at local service clubs.

Attend retailer promotions and festivals.

Attend, set up, work, and dismantle Friends of Coos County Animal fundraisers. Fundraisers used for generating income include yard sales, bake sales, dog washes and recycling.

Give presentations about animal welfare and animal overpopulation at local schools.

Design, publish, and disseminate brochures and / or newsletters to educate the general public on animal related issues.

Search for and apply for grants and donations for animal welfare.

Volunteering time to the Coos County Animal Shelter to assist with routine duties, web site updates including lost and found and animals for adoption.

Provide foster homes for special needs animals of Coos County Animal Shelter.

Transport animals to other Humane Societies or rescue groups in a more populated area for them to receive a second chance for a home.

Transport animals from the Coos county Animal Shelter to off site adoptions and veterinarians as needed.


Our funding has been through adoption fees and donations.  Adoption fees for cats are $90. Adoption fees for dogs vary depending on age or breed of dog. Fees range from $90 to $300.  Adoption fees include one or more vaccines, worming, flea control, spay or neuter, cats are felv/fix tested, and possibly other medical services which might include rabies vaccines depending on age, dentals, skin treatments, and any surgeries needed for the health and welfare of the animal. We are now able to microchip and register our animals with Home Again scanable microchips.

Save Lives - Spay or Neuter Your Pet

Friends of Coos County Animals
PO Box 911
Coos Bay, Oregon 97420-0209

Come visit us at the Pony Village Mall every Saturday from 10-4!




Dog vaccines DA2PP

Dog vaccines Bordetella

Cat vaccines FVRCP

Quality flea control

KMR dry kitten formula

Esbilac dry puppy formula

Kitten wet and dry food

Puppy wet and dry food

Collapsible dog crates

Pet carriers

Dog Collars

Litter Boxes

Exercise pens with tops

Lexmark 20 ink cartridges


Cash Donations 


. . . THANK YOU . . .

Receipts Given

 FOCCAS is a 501c3.  Your donation is tax deductible

Save Lives, spay or neuter



Some of our accomplishments for this past year include:

Off site adoptions location are Pony Village Mall, all festivals, Coos County Fair, retailer functions, Home Show
●149 dogs adopted
●252 cats adopted
410 total animals adopted
Spay/neuters/other medical done, 90 animals for families in financial need
Total number of animals spayed/neutered 491

Supplies provided to the shelter include: kennel platforms, flea control, litter, kitten food, cardboard cat carriers, live cat traps, medical supplies (teramycin, clavamox, nutical, KMR), rat poison, public education and information files and holders, a Merck Vet manual and grooming items.

FOCCAS provided a new ink printer and several ink cartridges for a volunteer to create and post Pets of the Week in Wal*Mart and help promote the shelter. FOCCAS also paid for her website to promote the Coos County Animal Shelter and the animals for adoption she posts on

Number of animals transferred out of the county to other shelters or rescue organizations was 256 cats and dogs. Travel arranged by volunteers and gasoline paid for by FOCCAS. This will help with the adoption of these animals in a more populated location and reduce the overpopulation of animals in Coos County.

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